Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Moments of Gratitude (Modern Appliances)

Modern Appliances

This week our toaster broke which meant that when making breakfast we had to stand at the toaster and hold the lever down until it was ready. It is amazing all the other things one can do normally while the toast is cooking itself, make the tea, pour the cereal, get the milk out of the fridge. So standing there holding down the toast I realised how lucky we are to have all these modern appliances which make our busy life so much easier! No manual washing of clothes or dishes, instant boiling water, a clothes dryer for rainy day, I even have a little robotic vacuum which scoots around the tiles and vacuums up the dog hair while I am at work!! Seriously .... I have name him Wally!

So this week I decided to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the modern appliances which save me so much time, and on Saturday morning I went and purchased us a very groovy new toaster and kettle to match!!

“But the toaster was quite satisfied with itself, thank you. Though it knew from magazines that there were toasters who could toast four slices at a time, it didn't think that the master, who lived alone and seemed to have few friends, would have wanted a toaster of such institutional proportions. With toast, it's quality that matters, not quantity.”  Thomas M. Disch, The Brave Little Toaster


  1. ooohhh robotic vacuum!! yes pleaaaaaaase:)) I love the look of your new appliances & the fabulous quote from the Brave Little toaster. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Whenever I travel and see an old castle I always think of how much easier our lives our today, thanks to things like toasters and washing machines, compared to the lives of royalty from many years ago.