Monday, 14 May 2012

It's Beautiful Here

After a hectic week at work I was craving a weekend of solitude and peace. Sometimes in my job I have to talk and listen far to much, it becomes like a sensory overload towards the end of the week. I am aware that when I feel like this the cure for me is simply a weekend at home with my cat, my 2 dogs and my husband. No TV, not even music sometimes just silence, creativity and perhaps a good book. 

I had fun playing around with several ideas. This piece represents that space right in the centre of ourselves where there is a perfect nothingness. No thoughts, no expectations, no conversation, just pure Santosha, contentment.

I actually started out with colour everywhere, I went a little crazy with blending a confusion of colours that moved  into a centre of bright yellow. Perhaps this was an indication of how I was feeling. 

As the day went along it kind of transitioned into all white with bits of gold and yellow, which is certainly more true to how I felt by the end of a beautiful day at home with just myself and my pets.

It really is so beautiful there.......

Art - It's Beautiful Here


  1. I understand totally what you're talking about :)) I feel the very your Art it's beautiful here! It's very good!!

  2. Lovely piece. Sometimes that quiet and solitude is so needed to recharge oneself and to be creative.

  3. Can relate to your feelings ~ Home is a sanctuary for me ~ lovely creation ~ texture, words, spiral ~ wonderful ^_^

  4. This evokes such feeling in me - that need to process the week, unwind from the week, and just explore paint and shape and color! Love how it all spirals in!

  5. This is such a lovely concept! I need more of that feeling!!

  6. i love the purity of this... and i so understand your need for quiet... i love the circular form in this too. Thanks for sharing! xoxo