Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Water Women

I was going through my art stuff in the garage today and I found these artworks which I had totally forgotten about. These were creations from a few years back which had kind of an African flavour to them. I had them hanging in my bathroom for a long time and then they kind of landed amongst the piles of semi completed creations.

Art:- Water Women

Amongst the madness of shapes and colour there are figures of women holding clay bowls of water.  In Africa it is primarily the women and children who collect the fresh water, everyday getting up at the crack of dawn and walking for miles to the nearest water hole to collect their family's water. It is hard to imagine this life and it certainly brings an awareness of how truly lucky we are to have access to fresh clean water simply by turning on a tap.

This piece was done on canvass with collage and acrylic paints.

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