Monday, 26 March 2012

Lotus Pearl

This is a textured piece on a large canvass. Most of the texture is done with lace and the Lotus flower and petals are moulded with texture paste. It is painted with a pearl white finish. I have been procrastinating about whether to leave it plain pearl white or to colour the lotus and petals in a rose gold? I guess the all white finish represents purity but then again perhaps it is a little too plain.

Any thoughts ........ is less more or does it need some colour?

Art:- Lotus Pearl


  1. Not sure, the drawing shows up very light on my screen, but maybe some colour would be nice?

  2. This looks very different than anything i've ever seen... it's very interesting (even if it is all white). It has a very delicate feeling to it. Whenever i feel doubt about something i've done, i usually let it sit for a few days before making any changes. You'll know if you need to add color or not. TRUST your gut instinct and go with that. xoxo

    1. Good advice - I will ponder a little longer. :-)