Thursday 29 March 2012

March - Creative Colour Challenge

March 2012 Creative Colour Challenge from Louise Gale's monthly blog challenge. The theme this month was Blue.

I had been working on this piece throughout the month but it is not really quite finished. My original intention was more of still water and light however it is has turned out more like a thunderstorm, which is interesting. So this piece will continue on it's journey to completion.

So as my original piece is still "in progress" I had decided to also share something I completed earlier this month that is still  in line with our Blue theme.

The girl in the painting looks quite worried and maybe a little bit sad. The light bulbs and the butterfly represent the realisation that if we can control our thoughts we can create a better life.

Art: Change Your Thinking

Looking forward to seeing some of the beautiful blue creations this month!!


  1. Your thunderstorm is very interesting :) I look forward to seeing it completed. Fi

  2. Such expressive pieces! I really like them both and look forward to seeing the finished thunderstorm.

  3. What a wonderful message and your first image is so mysterious and wondrous. Thank you so much for joining in the challenge last month. xx