Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Book Review - Healer

I recently read this book which is a biography written by Joseph Dispenza about a woman named Dr Hazel Parcells who lived to the age of 106. The book is all about her views on life, health and wellbeing as well as her significant contribution to modern medicine by her commitment to trusting her instincts and documenting theories on diet, natural medicine and energy healing that worked for her and her patients. I found it to be an amazing book. This lady was really an inspiration and she knew things that were way before her time.

This is one of my absolute favourites quotes from the book,  infact I have framed it for a daily reminder...
"When I am asked the secret of my longevity, which I never planned and never gave any thought to, I say I was to busy with interesting things. There was no vacuum in my life. I seem always to have had a strong interest in one thing or another. A new idea is like a new life. When I have a new idea, my eyes begin to shine."

Here are some other words of wisdom from Dr Hazel Parcells:-

 "Why should this be happening to me" My only answer is "Can you honestly ask why it shouldn't" Pain frequently compels growth and development; if we are unwilling or unable to address the lessons before us, why should we think we are ready to graduate to the next level?"

 "Our bodies are made up of minerals. It is the first fact of nature: we are the earth. We come form the earth and we return to the earth. And while we are living upon the earth, we obtain out nourishment entirely from the earth, our mother."

 "I have often said that if the tool for natural healing were taken away from me tomorrow, save one, I would want that one to be colour.

"But I see now that those things that I had considered to be obstacles and impediments were actually stepping-stones to new knowledge. They were ways of making me stronger and 0f learning vitally important lessons. I understand now that every hurdle I overcame better prepared me to grasp the information that would need to be passed on to the next generation. I am grateful for the obstacles and the lessons they provided me."

"The ebbing away of the old and the flowing on of the new take place regardless of whether or not we fully comprehend the timing of their tides. These changes, which come in cycles, may be painful to live through, even if one has the grand view and is aware what is happening. But they are entirely beneficial, because they push us onto a new, higher level as we continue our growth."

Thank You Dr Hazel Parcells
For all your wisdom, knowledge and the courage to trust and follow your instincts. You are an inspiration and this book has contributed to my growth and hopefully my longevity.

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  1. Loving the abridged version of the book Tamoonstone... Thank you for sharing these beautiful words of wisdom! :)