Sunday, 8 January 2012

Moments of Gratitude

Each month of 2011 I created new dominos and added them to the frame. I found great pictures from all kinds of sources.

Each domino has a picture on it that tells a story about the year, maybe a feeling, a thought, an event, a quote that resonated with me and there were even a few "aha" moments as well.

I really enjoyed this project, so this year I have decided to incorporate posting "52 weeks of Gratitude" photos into my Blog.

I did consider 365 days of Gratitude however I tried this a couple of years ago and found that, although I had no problem to find something to be grateful for each day, to take a photo then print/post it always felt a little rushed.

So for 2012 I thought 52 weeks would be realistic.
Should be fun!

I think that photography can be a unique and  powerful tool to keep us grounded and in the present moment. It is, after all, about capturing a moment in time. Really focusing, observing and appreciating what is in front of us right now. With a camera in hand, in search of a great shot, it can be almost like looking at each moment as if we were new to the world, just born. What a  beautiful thing to look at each new scene with fascination and child like curiosity!!

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