Monday, 18 June 2012

What does mixed-media art mean to you?

This week when visiting Creatively yours Fi  and reading her fabulous interview on what Mixed Media art means to her, I decided to follow the link to Mixed Media May: An Annual Blog Celebration of Mixed Media Artists! and join in the fun.
Here is my interview.............
What does mixed-media art mean to you?Mixed media art is like my therapy. It is my time to get out of my head and into my heart and heal myself with creativity. It is an outlet to experiment with such a huge variety of mediums and materials. Sometimes the choices can be a little overwhelming! But the term “mixed media” offers an incredible amount of creative freedom which I love.

How long have you been a mixed-media artist?
I have always been creative. I travelled a lot when I was younger and expressed my creativity more with poetry and the use of water colour paints as it was easier to fit into a backpack.  Over the last few years I have really created the space at home as well as the time in my life to really immerse myself in my art.

How has your art impacted or enhanced your life?
To be creative is like an escape. I am not sure what I would do with myself if I didn’t have some creative project on the go. It enhances my life by offering me a non thinking place to express myself with a few words and lots of colour.

What are a few of the mixed-media supplies you find yourself using most?
I am a bit of a texture paste junkie. I also love using metallic paints. For collage I really like using tissue paper and interesting scrapbook papers as well.

Who are some of your favourite mixed-media artists?
Kelly Rae Roberts, Ann Baldwin, Tracey Verdugo
What makes your mixed-media art unique?
I don’t think that I have really developed a distinctive “style” yet. I would like to think most of my pieces reflect individuality through their variety of textures and design. I play and experiment a lot still so I guess I’m still trying to find my own uniqueness.

Please tell us about yourself (short bio with headshot).
I am 38 years old and live on the East Coast of Australia with my husband. We have two very affectionate and energetic black Labradors as well as a very calm and somewhat illusive cat. I love animals and we have chosen the fury four legged kind of children. I work full time and like many others dream of winning lotto so that the ratio of work to play could be a little different. I spend most of my free time on art projects and find so much joy and peace when I am being creative.  I love my family, the beach, reading, yoga and I try to live my life in the now. (easier said than done some days
J )


  1. Great creative interview and I enjoyed learning a bit about you. I don't look at my poetic creations as mixed media but I guess in a way they are with combining poetry and design.

  2. Very creative and expressive art work and fantastic interview ~ glad to 'know you' online ~~ thanks, ^_^ ( A Creative Harbor)

  3. i love this!! Wonderful interview, and your artwork is just amazing, girl... i loved learning more about you and what makes you tick, and trust me, we ALL wish our work/play ratio could be a little different. :-) Great interview. xoxo

  4. Very good interview. I like your work! That metallic paint is calling my name. Keep meaning to try it! Julie

  5. I loved to read your interview and the pages are awesome.