Monday, 4 June 2012

Attachment and Aversion

This months theme at Creative Every Day is opposites. Perfect opportunity to share this piece and some thoughts on the topic of attachment. Also linking this week to Inspire me Monday and Instant Inspirations.

sukha-anushayi ragah
duhkha-anushayi dveshah
Attachment is that which rests on pleasant experiences
Aversion is that which rests on sorrowful experiences

Attachment:- Definition: Exaggerated not wanting to be separated from someone or something. (Exact opposite of Aversion).

It is said that the key to freedom and happiness is to go beyond attachment and aversion, the emotional responses that influence our ability to see our world with true clarity.

During our life our self-identity is formed by a collection of previous emotional experiences.   Therefore we can become driven to seek opportunities to repeat previous experiences of pleasure over and over. We can also become subconsciously driven to avoid previously painful experiences, so that our desire to protect ourselves limits our options in life. Applying our opinions and emotional responses from past experiences places a filter over our ability to see the present moment as it truly is.
It is said that when we fully let go of our attachments and aversions we enter a state of harmony, balance and connection with our higher self, where we know that everything is unfolding according to a Universal or Divine plan. 

What a beautiful feeling that must be!!

Art:- Attachment and Aversion


  1. Lovely abstract creation ~ love the design, composition and colors ~ thanks ^_^

  2. Such wise words! I love the colors and how gently they blend into each other in this piece!

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