Sunday, 12 August 2012

Moments of Gratitude (Messages from the Universe)

This week 52 weeks of Gratitude has become Moments of Gratitude. This reason for this change is simply that I wanted a bit more freedom in when and how many gratitude posts I do.

I went for a walk this week in my lunch break along the breakwall. As I was walking along with the intention of being in the moment, I was not really fully succeeding I must admit, with thoughts and doubts still playing on my mind. Then suddenly, it was as if this huge rock jumped out in front of me........... I stopped in my tracks and on the rock was written "Be HAPPY 4 this moment... 4 this moment in your life". It was as if this rock was written for me to read on this day. I stopped walking and sat quietly beside the rock and relished in these words and the beauty that surrounded me, feeling grateful for this message.

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