Monday, 16 April 2012

Poem - Angel of Music

As the monthly theme of "Language" continues in the Creativity Every Day Challenge, I have been inspired to go through some of my old writings and poems. These days I tend to paint more often than I write poetry, so I have taken the opportunity to match a piece of art to my poem and share it this week.

Angel of Music

The heavens fall amongst angels voices
& she catches it with her empty soul.
Surrounding the solitude she’s craved for so long.
Amongst gentle rhythms she again feels strong.

Once again she is alive,
for somehow with music  she will survive.

Her way is filled with ruthless thorns,
through fields so bleak & bare,
but she knows beyond lies the soothing sounds,
to cleanse her mind &  heal her despair.

So when life becomes to much to bare,
goodnight....goodbye you’ll find her where

The heavens fall amongst angels voices,
& fills her empty soul.
Such gentle rhythms & soothing songs,
surround the solitude she‘s craved for so long.
Once again she feels alive, in her elusive dreams she will survive.

So when life becomes to much to bare,
goodnight......goodbye you’ll find me there.

By Tamara

Art:- Harmonic Flow

The title picture for my poem is a section from this artwork with an angel superimposed. I gave her a watercolour finish and made her slightly transparent. The original piece is done with mixed media, collage, acrylic as well as metallic paints, and a hot glue gun to create the textured swirls.


  1. Lovely poem and wonderful art work ~ Wow! ~ thanks, namaste ^_^

    1. Thank you so much!! Do you coordinate the Monday Meme?

  2. Tamara, the painting AND writing are beautiful!! Such talent... i love the piano background in the painting... happy Monday! xoxo

  3. Love the poem Tamara! And the painting is beautiful!

  4. I love the painting and the poem. The colors and textures are amazing!