Friday, 3 February 2012

Book - Reflections in the Light

Daily Thoughts and Affirmations
This is a beautiful book by Shakti Gawain with a message and affirmation for each day of the year.

I am going to keep it on hand again this year. It is the kind of book that you can open on any given day and it will have a message filled with wisdom and inspiration. It is almost as if the author is gently challenging your view of the world and of yourself. 

A couple of examples:-

Learning from our mistakes
“We must remember that we are babies in the new world. We learn by making lots of mistakes and often we may feel ignorant, frightened or unsure of ourselves. But we would not get angry at a baby every time he fell down, so we must try not to criticize ourselves for our natural learning process” I learn from all my mistakes.

“I often find that most powerful communion with the universe is when I am alone, especially out in nature. At such times, the places inside of me that sometimes feel empty are filled with the energy of spirit. Here I find a guiding presence that nudges me in the direction I need to go, and helps me to learn the lesson that lies in taking each step along my path”. Nature helps me connect with spirit.

Each day has a way of putting things into perspective and helps in maintaining a mindful, positive and accepting outlook on life.

*Message for today Friday 3rd February 2012
Distinguishing Intuition
"Your intuition is always on hundred percent correct, but it takes time to hear it correctly. If you are willing to risk acting on what you believe to be true and risk making mistakes, you will learn very fast by paying attention to what works and what doesn't work. The first step is to pay more attention to what you feel inside, to the dialogue that goes on within you. Through practice you will be able to distinguish your intuitive voice from other thoughts and voices." I am hearing my intuition more clearly every day.

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